Your Needs Drive Our Solutions

Whether you find this multi-dimensional ecosystem confusing, are looking to create and implement best practices, are not sure what you may not know about in the marketplace, or are simply seeking to create better and more efficient checks, balances, and processes that are matched to your unique way of doing business - we can help.

We are established with the purpose of addressing cutting edge digital, data, content and media issues. The complexity and multi-faceted nature of the industry demands an innovative and transparent approach to problem solving and a means to quickly understand each stakeholder's place in the supply chain.

Ultimately, the solutions in this industry must be built on the basis of "Win-Win-Win" - where the advertiser, the agency, and the media/technology vendor win. If a "Win" is missing - there is either something wrong with the deal, or the relationship will not be sustainable.

We transform theoretical needs into pragmatic solutions.

Granular Advice Drives the Big Picture

Help small and medium sized companies understand and effectively address those large company operational, financial, and legal issues that also affect small and midsize players: transparency, data security, data usage, privacy, FTC endorsement guidelines, agency v. principal, extended payment terms, and more.

Help large companies adapt, transform, and learn new practices and behaviors to better meet and benefit from the constant changes in the industry.

We can help to prioritize what data is meaningful and relevant for each client, ensuring that much of the risk is avoided before any negotiations begin. We understand marketing, media and the digital marketplace, enabling us to structure requirements that meet the data needs of the client without ever compromising them.

Independent and Authoritative Advice

About DMCT Consulting

We are not a law firm and we do not provide legal services. Rather, our CEO, Andrew Elman, brings 30 years of relevant legal... read more

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