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Reject Both "Zero Sum" and "No Pain, No Gain".

Innovative Business Solutions

Serving those looking for clarity, transparency, and practical solutions in today's multi-faceted marketing ecosystem.

Using a combination of operational and financial strategies, we solve problems and provide innovative, straightforward, practical, and actionable solutions that are all guided by the industry’s best practices and a commitment to growth and transparency.

We create business opportunities, practices and processes that unlock growth and create savings opportunities. We help clients identify needs, and advise them on how to best leverage their data while complying with applicable business and industry legal standards, including content marketing, use of digital data, and privacy. Our CEO brings 30 years of relevant legal and business experience, including 15 years as a leading in-house attorney in the digital, media, creative and marketing industry. And, our growing list of DMCT advisors includes a worldwide performance agency CFO, an agency president, a lead audience measurement attorney, and others with significant practical and proven industry experience.

Drawing on our leading industry experience, we provide insights, context, and informed recommendations leading to tailored solutions that help each of our unique clients create effective partnerships, increase revenues, and build efficient repeatable solutions that drive results.

Partnership Yields Results

To help our clients to drive their businesses forward, we take a different view from the constant drumbeat in the media. We believe the best way to achieve results with partners is to foster an atmosphere of trust. We don’t assume the worst in the industry; successful relationships can only be built on a foundation of open, honest, collaborative and transparent conversations.

Informed and Transparent

Our broad knowledge base enables us to help agencies, technology platforms, data providers, content creators, programmatic partners, publishers of all media types, and advertisers meet their unique business needs.

Leveraging over 30 years of experience across top tier clients in all major industry sectors, we use our extensive knowledge of how they do business to help clients navigate this increasingly complex business landscape. We measure the value we provide to clients by how well we help them recognize and address the current business and legal issues in the industry. We provide solutions that both drive down business costs and increase opportunities for revenue growth and ROI.

We address our clients’ objectives through the lens of the unique operational, financial and legal needs of this industry. We walk our clients through our analyses so that when a way forward is decided, our clients are confident that the decision made is right for them.

About DMCT Consulting

We are not a law firm and we do not provide legal services. Rather, our CEO, Andrew Elman, brings 30 years of relevant legal... read more

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